The Cirlock Universal Lockout Device can help prevent unintended energisation of energy sources. 

Used for Miniature Circuit Breakers, the UCL-1 is one of our most popular products and guess what…… the UCL-1 just got better!

Hot of the press, this week, we have just taken delivery of our first shipment of the UCL-1 products made from 50% Recycled Material!!!

Made in Australia AND made from Recycled Material!

To Use:

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Cirlock Practising sustainability

Our team are also proud to use recycled plastics for most of our packaging and recycle as much cardboard as we can in our factory.

For details of the updated UCL-1 and any of the other Lockout Tagout equipment form our range, contact your local electrical wholesaler.

E: sales@cirlock.com.au P: 07 5445 2910

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“When you need it in a hurry and safety is your priority – trust Cirlock”