CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science. Australia Telescope National Facility.

Onsite Lockout Tagout Equipment, in particular for Circuit Breakers.


CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science have a long and successful history in the space sector from radio astronomy research, managing complex facilities and observing Earth from above to supporting data and manufacturing supply chains.

CSIRO aspires to ZERO HARM. They are amongst other things committed to:-

  • The safety, health and wellbeing of their people, partners, customers, and the environment
  • Embedding clear accountability for safety and environmental sustainability across the whole organisation
  • Nurturing a culture of safety and environmental sustainability
  • Complying with all relevant legislation, standards, procedures and requirements
  • Using risk management processes to identify, assess and manage risks
  • Consulting with their people, partners, and customers to improve the safety and sustainability of our working environments

CSIRO Astronomy & Space Science have been working with Cirlock and using their products for many years.  Keen to bring all aspects of site safety up to the very latest standards, James Cole introduced a rigorous Lockout Tagout procedure to the company when he joined the management team some years ago.  James had used Cirlock products before in a previous role and knew that the standard of the products was what he was looking for. 

James explained that as well as the products, he insists on using Cirlock for their no fuss approach.  “In our world things get extremely busy and it is important that the process of getting any supplies I need to assist with the operation of the company is made as seamless as possible”.  James went on to say, “I like how easy the sales process is at Cirlock, from initial phone enquiry, to ordering and delivery, it’s just easy”.  James also made comment on the Cirlock website and how he finds this a great tool for browsing what he needs and sourcing the right item for the job.

Unlike some lockout systems that need to be customised for each job, James says he finds the Cirlock products extremely flexible and they can be easily modified to suit. “They are not over complicated and Cirlock products always do what I need them to do without the need for complex modifications.”

We asked James if he had ever had any issues with Cirlock products or their processes and he said he hadn’t.  “On the very odd occasion a product may not be in stock, Cirlock’s communication on delivery times and back-orders is clear and makes planning for what I need easy from my side.”

James Cole holds the Cirlock products in high regard in his industry, where safety is a crucial part of the everyday operation and procedures.  “I will continue to use Cirlock products for all of my Lockout tagout requirements”.

James finished by saying he would be happy to recommend both Cirlock products and service to other industry professionals.



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Lendlease hospital image

The $1.8 billion Sunshine Coast Public University Hospital project is a State Government initiative to address the growing health service needs of the Sunshine Coast community. The hospital opened with approximately 450 beds in 2016 and the remaining capacity is expected to be commissioned by 2020/21, which will see all 738 beds used. The hospital has also been planned to allow further expansion of up to a total of 900 beds.

The new tertiary facility is being delivered through a public private partnership (PPP) contract with Exemplar Health, a consortium comprising Lend Lease, Siemens and Capella Capital, with partner Spotless Facilities Services. This consortium will design, build and finance the public hospital as well as maintain it for 25 years.

Cirlock was contacted by Lend Lease to provide the Cirlock permanently mounted Lockout System. This involved the purchase of a number of key items for use on the hospital project, including 12 pole mounting sets to suit the Schneider NS250

breakers with 35 mm pole widths plus Lockout Arms made to fit.

Lend Lease LV Design Manager, Power, Andrew Hudson said Cirlock was chosen for the job as they consider the Cirlock products a level of quality that should be standard on all projects.

“Safety is paramount in any of the construction jobs we work on,” said Hudson. “Using Cirlock locks gives us confidence that we have the added level of safety we require.

“Cirlock lockout devices are used on all low-voltage distribution board circuit breakers to ensure safety for site electricians. Electricians lock out the circuit breaker fitted with the Cirlock personal padlock and danger tag. This, with other safety procedures, helps to ensure their safety with the circuit they are working on.

“The service you get from Cirlock is always prompt and professional — that’s how they do business and that goes a long way in this industry. Deadlines are crucial to the smooth running of all projects, particularly a project like the Sunshine Coast Hospital, so getting the parts we needed delivered to spec and on time is a major factor in the success of what we do,” Hudson said.



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Project:  Developing Toolkits for Transgrid Trade Staff

Scope of works: Toolkits to work on low voltage equipment

TransGrid is the owner, operator and manager of the NSW high voltage transmission network and is committed to delivering a safe, secure, reliable and economically efficient network.  Transgrid are transparent in how they conduct and enforce Health and Safety regulations on all of their work sites, stating, “As an essential service provider operating in a high risk environment, meeting a strong standard of health and safety is core to everything we do. We promote a positive safety culture in which all employees and contractors are encouraged to actively manage their safety and the safety of others”.

Highlighting uncontrolled discharge or contact with electricity, exposure to hazardous materials and mobile powered plant incidents, in their top nine high consequence risks, it is no surprise that Cirlock are on the list of Transgrid preferred suppliers.

Transgrid contacted Cirlock to work with them to develop tool kits for their trade staff to use for work on or near low voltage equipment.  The main reason for Transgrid contacting Cirlock initially was that they wanted to use an Australian based company.  Transgrid were looking for a local company that had the equipment they required, that would also allow them to evaluate the products and assess suitability for their specific needs.

On evaluating the Cirlock products Transgrid established that Cirlock could provide exactly what they needed, as well as being fully confident that the Cirlock products would adhere to the company’s strict Health and Safety policies.  James Mason, EO, Safety Rules Coordinator at Transgrid, explained that the service they received from Cirlock was impeccable.  “Nicole was very helpful”, said James.  “She even offered to supply some kits for a safety display event prior to the invoice being finalised, that level of service goes a long way in business”.

Transgrid were extremely happy with the quality of the products they received from Cirlock.  Management at Transgrid said they would definitely use Cirlock again and would have no hesitation in recommending both their products and service to other industry professionals.


Click here for a PDF version: Transgrid-Case-Study.pdf

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Project:  New Acland Coal – Onsite Lockout Tagout Equipment

Scope of works: Custom Made Group Lockbox GLB-7, Padlocks and general Lockout Tagout supplies.

The New Acland mine is owned and managed by the New Hope Group.  It is located North-west of Oakey, Queensland and has been in operation from 2002 to present.  The mine provides direct jobs for more than 300 locals, 500 contractors, and contributes to 2300 more indirect jobs.  The project features two coal preparation plants in addition to a train loading facility near Jondaryan.  Key to the operation’s success is industry-leading performance in the availability of equipment and diggers – exceeding 8,000 operating hours per year. 


It is safe to say this is an extremely significant operation and safety is paramount.  In their capability statement, New Acland Coal state, “Alongside productivity performance, the company's ‘Life Rules’ safety program ensures that safety is a priority and always front of mind. Our aim is for our people to always return to their loved ones at the end of each shift, unharmed.”

Cirlock were contacted by The New Hope Group to provide Lockout Tagout equipment for the whole of the New Acland Coal site.  This involved the purchase of a number of key items for use on the site, including custom-made group lock boxes (GLB-7), padlocks and a full range of other lockout tagout equipment.

Enrico Balsamo, Project Manager at the New Acland Coal site, explained that the company looked at 3 or 4 different suppliers of Lockout Tagout equipment before deciding to purchase from Cirlock.  Enrico stated, “Cirlock had the whole range we were looking for.”  He went on to say that not only did they have a diverse range of products, they were also willing to customize products so New Acland Coal could have safety equipment for their specific site needs.

Enrico continued to say, “The service you get from the team at Cirlock is always terrific, we have never had any issues with supply and the products are always a very high standard.  That’s crucial in an industry like ours”.   

As part of their commitment to safety, New Acland Coal are now also specifying that all contractors that come on to their site must also use Cirlock safety Lockout Tagout equipment. 

Enrico Balsamo said they will continue to purchase from Cirlock and would have no hesitation in recommending both the products and service to other contacts.

Click here to read as a PDF file: Acland-Coal.pdf