Standard Scissor Hasp

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Part No: SLH-42
What is it: Plated Steel Lockout Hasp with Red Poly Coating
Application: Lockout Hasps enable up to 6 workers to lock out the same point of machinery.
Use for: Lockout situations where more than one person is involved.
Material: Plated Steel
Dimensions: 25mm diameter jaws
Padlock Holes: 6 - suits padlocks up to 9mm shackle diameter
Colour: Plated Steel with Red Coating.  
Pack Sizes: Hang Pack of 1, Box of 25 Hang Packs, Bulk Box of 100
Stock: Yes - Buderim, Queensland Australia
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Standard Scissor Hasp
Standard Scissor Lockout HaspPack of 1
Standard Scissor Lockout HaspPack of 25
Standard Scissor Lockout Hasp100 Bulk Pack
Standard Scissor HaspSLH-42
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