PLK-2 Personal Lockout Kit - Large 2KA

Personal_Lockout_4ed42bf5a7948.jpgPLK-2 Large Belt Carry Bag Lockout Kit - 02KA
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1 x LCB-8 Large Belt Cary Bag
1 x SLP-02KA-RED Set of 2 RED Padlocks Keyed Alike
2 x UCL-1 Universal Lockout Device for miniature Circuit Breakers
2 x UCL-2 Universal Lockout Device for moulded case Circuit Breakers
1 x UFL-2 Universal Lockout Device for Fuse Holders
5 x SDT-1 Danger - Do Not Operate Tags
5 x SDT-2 Out of Service Tags
1 x KHR-2 Retractable Key Holder - Stainless Steel
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PLK-2 Personal Lockout Kit - Large 2KA
PLK-2 Personal Lockout Kit - Large 2KAPLK-2-RED
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