Arm Core Cooler Kit

Combat heat stress with this handy product.
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Arm Core Cooler Harenss Model5
Arm Core Cooler Harness 31
Arm Core Cooler Harness

Combat heat stress with the only small, compact, low cost and portable Arm Immersion cooling product on the market.

Studies have shown the forearm immersion in temperate water is more effective in lowering core body temperature than passive cooling, mist sprays or cooling vests.

This patented Harcor Arm Cooler Harness has been designed and developed by Fire Fighters for Fire Fighters.


  • Extremely small and compact when rolled up and folded away
  • Can be used almost anywhere, sitting in a chair, leaning up agains at wall/tree etc
  • Reinforced base resists wear and tear
  • Padded neck strap
  • Adjustable webbing strap allows the harness to be adjusted to anyones size
  • Easy to install and remove plastic bags provide a hygienically clean harness after each use

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Arm Core Cooler Kit
ACC-2 Arm Core Cooler KitDouble Pack of Arm Coolers
ACC-5 Arm Core Cooler KitFive Pack of Arm Coolers
ACC-2-REFILL - Refill Pack20 bags and 10 wipes
ACC-5-REFILL - Refill Pack50 bags and 25 wipes
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