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Lock Dogs for Circuit Breakers
UCL-1 and UCL-2 Made in Australian from recycled materials
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Custom Printed Tags
Fully customised tags available now - no minimum order! Printed by us in Australia.
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Padlock Dust Cover
Protects your Cirlock Lockout Padlock from dust. Made in Australia.
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Cirlock lockout equipment Australia

Australia's Original Lockout Manufacturer

Manufacturing in Australia since 1992


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15 April 2024
Customised lockout tags are super handy in the workplace for a few reasons: Personal Touch: When you customise a lockout tag, it's like adding a personal touch to safety procedures. It makes it clear who's in charge of the lockout, which can help avoid mix-ups or misunderstandings.Clear Communicatio...
07 March 2024


blind flange lockout device is a safety improvement used during maintenance on piping systems. Let’s explore its purpose and how it enhances workplace safety:


16 February 2024
In the realm of industrial operations, safety is paramount, and one crucial element in safeguarding employees from potential hazards is the implementation of Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) procedures and equipment. Lockout-Tagout is a systematic approach used to control hazardous energy sources during mainte...

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Since 1992 Cirlock has provided a full range of Lockout Equipment for Energy Sources. Most of our Lockout and Tagout products are our own design and are manufactured by us or on our behalf, in Australia.