Lockout ID - Energy Source Label Kits

Make it simple for all employees to identify HOW and WHERE to isolate ALL energy sources for machinery in the workshop, factory or on site.

One label goes on each Isolation Point and a corresponding label is placed on the Machinery and Isolation Chart if needed. The Isolation Chart is placed near/on the machinery.

To properly Isolate this machine, both
points P-1 and E-1 must be de-energized.

Point E-1
Point P-1

Place Chart on or near machine for fast and effective information on all Isolation Points.

The Chart contains the following information:

  • Name of Machine (Dropsaw)
  • Name of Isolation Points (E-1 and P-1)
  • Location of Isolation Points (E-1 On wall behind machine, P-1 In Shed 2)

All labels are supplied on a sheet containing 5 labels - 1 for the isolation point and 4 smaller stickers to label the equipment.

All labels are purchased in a set of 25 (numbered 1-25) - and sold in individual categories as below:

Electrical / Compressed Air / Steam / Water / Hydraulic / Gases / Other Fluids

Quick Start Kit  35 AUD
G-1 Gases Labels  38.5 AUD
S-1 Steam Labels  38.5 AUD
W-1 Water Labels  38.5 AUD