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Site Safety – Designed and Made Locally

In today’s world of importing and exporting, knowing whether the product you are buying has been made in Australia is not always 100% clear.  Yet more and more consumers are placing importance on supporting locally made products. Searching for Australian made and grown products to use in your business can seem pretty confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.  You need to simply look for the famous green and gold Australian Made, Australian Grown kangaroo logo - it's been helping consumers for more than 25 years, and the safety industry is on board!

The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is administered by Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL), a not-for-profit public company established in 1999 by the Australian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ACCI) and the network of state and territory chambers of commerce, with the cooperation of the Federal Government.  It's a certification trade mark, registered with the Federal Government, and with a strict set of rules (Code of Practice) governing how it can be used. Products must be registered with AMCL and must meet the criteria in the Code of Practice to use the logo.


To qualify to use the Australian Made logo on a product the product must have been manufactured here in Australia (not just packaged or assembled); and 50% or more of the cost of making it must be attributed to Australian materials and/or production processes.

One Australian organisation who places real importance on most of their products being Australian Made is Cirlock.  Cirlock are proudly part of the Australian Made Group, which means that you will see the Australian Made logo on the majority of Cirlock products.

Cirlock has manufactured and provided lockout / tagout equipment since 1992.  Lockout products keep workers safe by isolating energy sources such as electricity and high pressure valves, before machinery is being worked on. The company is unique in the way that it is the only one in Australia to manufacture and supply a full range of this lockout equipment and Cirlock are an accredited Australian Made Manufacturer.

General Manager at Cirlock, Maria Burrowes, believes that Cirlock’s simple tagline, Designed by Cirlock – Manufactured Locally, gives their customers confidence and reassurance that what they are buying is high quality in an industry where safety is crucial.  Cirlock are proud to be a strong Manufacturer in the Australian Market and advocate the act of buying Australian to keep our economy strong. By choosing Australia as the source of your safety supplies you are taking positive steps towards a healthier Australian economy and industry future in this country. 


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Signet Signs on Tuesday, 05 April 2016 15:27

Great to have something like this. Really practical to get such idea. Can't help as i read this article, after all majority now is "Made in China".

Great to have something like this. Really practical to get such idea. Can't help as i read this article, after all majority now is "Made in China".
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